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The first child to find the hidden Easter egg chooses ___ (his/her/their) prize.

In an effort to be politically and grammatically correct at the same time, writers have a critical decision to make – how to avoid a gender-specific pronoun when the antecedent (word, phrase or clause to which a pronoun refers),”child” in the above example, can be either male or female.

Oh, my, what to do?

a. Use his or her

b. Use his/her

c. Use their (common but grammatically incorrect since child is singular and their is plural)

d. Alternate throughout the text as Susan Cain did in “Quiet”: “He favors quick-decisions…She works well in teams…”

e. Rewrite the sentence (AP recommended), such as The first child to find the hidden Easter egg is eligible to choose a prize.

Calling all grammar geeks – what’s your favorite solution?