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mask-10012475Sometimes I long to bare my soul, but am faced with trepidation because my name is in the title of my blog. I envy my fellow bloggers with imaginative blog names who can say anything and be shielded with anonymity. I suppose I can create a new blog to share the skeletons in my closet, but this little piece of online real estate has become a comfy cocoon.

I’m a ghostwriter for Textbroker, writing marketing content across the Web. I write materials that boast the virtues of a company’s products or services; articles that promote locations serviced by the real estate industry; and blog posts that indirectly point viewers to targeted service providers. There’s something cool about being behind the scenes. The spotlight is something I’ve never aspired to.

When blogging for myself, I sometimes enjoy a lambent tone, but other times want to delve into more intense and even controversial subjects. However, I tend to temper my words. I love the way some bloggers put it all out there, making it personal and raw. Are you courageous and fearless or is it all about the name?