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The News Times, March 6, 2015

Reading my local newspaper yesterday morning, I came across an article about a new Thai restaurant in my town. Sounded interesting, but wait! The article stated they are located at the building that used to be Adrienne Fine American Dining, one of my favorite local dining delights. I had no idea the restaurant closed. The owner, Adrienne Sussman, clearly loved her business, which is probably what made it so special. So, why did she close? Why hasn’t the local newspaper reported this upset? Surely this news is more deserving than the local auto dealer closure that made the front page! Adrienne, where are you?

This distinctive eatery operated for many years in a charming converted residence of the 1700s. Upon entering, I felt like an invited guest in a cozy colonial home. The welcoming vestibule led to a rustic dining area with several fireplaces. Soft candlelight and ambrosial aroma filled the room. Aside from the ambiance and savory cuisine, there was Adrienne herself. It was clear she enjoyed serving and interacting with people, the art of food, and taking on the role of hostess as though it were her first party. It’s rare to see a restaurant owner so engaged with patrons.

Image courtesy of olovedog at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of olovedog at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The first time my husband and I ate there, I called in advance and was asked on the phone if it was a special occasion. I replied that it was our anniversary, but wondered about the question. When dessert arrived, I knew someone paid attention because on the plate was chocolate lettering that read Happy Anniversary in elegant script. I was hooked.

The last time I was there, I brought friends from out of state. One of my guests was a wine connoisseur who is not easily impressed, but the owner swept him off his feet. She took our orders personally, and patiently waited while my friend selected a different wine for everyone at the table, depending on the dishes we ordered. After dinner, she graciously provided a personal tour. Following that enchanted evening, I wrote a G+ review on Adrienne. On the Web, the restaurant earned high ratings from various sources.

I’ve been looking for the story behind the closing, searching under the owner’s name as well as the establishment. Strangely enough, I found nothing. Urbanspoon was empathetic: “Sorry, this restaurant is permanently closed.” Yelp and Trip Advisor, less so, simply stating CLOSED, in all caps. Adrienne, if you are reading this, what happened? If you have started a new venture, I’d love to know.