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baked beans

baked beans

Is anyone else irked by the Bush’s Baked Beans commercials where the company tries to pass their product off as a healthy food? If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a man and a woman clad in white aprons, standing in a kitchen with the company’s logo as a backdrop. The children in front of them are served baked beans and the audience is told these beans are the vegetables kids love. Seriously?

Not wanting to be narrow-minded, I checked the USDA site and it states that green beans, lima beans and string beans are grouped with vegetables. Other beans such as kidney, pinto and black beans may be classified as a subgroup of the vegetable group or part of the protein food group. In any case, I think the message is outrageous.

Looking at the company’s website, they boast that their original baked beans recipe includes “the finest ingredients – specially cured bacon, fine brown sugar.” The product nutrition page shows that one-half cup contains 550 milligrams of sodium and 12 grams of sugar. What’s next – oatmeal cookies for breakfast and carrot cake for dinner?

I’m not saying people should not eat this food, but let’s be honest. It may be a treat, but it’s certainly not a health food. I wonder if the script writer really thinks parents are that naive. The script is better suited to an SNL skit in my opinion. Take a look at this video of the commercial and voice your opinion.