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Thank you, littlesnowflake, for posting this lovely documentary. I enjoyed it and want to share with my readers. More than just a story about a passion, it’s about science, determination and the ability to see beauty in what others take for granted.


There was once a man named Wilson Bentley. He was crazy about Snowflakes. He was CRAZY about Snowflakes! Their shapes, sizes, and the fact that no two snowflakes are the same – he was as curious on the topic of snowflakes as Alice was about everything. It was this curiosity of his that lead him to inventing a device (microscope + camera) that allowed him to actually witness real snowflakes.

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Now let me inform you about his work. As far as I know, snowflakes melt rather quickly. I have never experienced snow but, I mean ice – it melts fast too. To actually capture the image of a real life snowflake in a self invented device, I am nothing more than impressed at the thought of this actually working out! I mean, just imagine! a microscopic snowflake being captured within a certain time limit before it melts! Its just an…

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