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More and more sources, including my holistic M.D., are contradicting the age-old wisdom that cow’s milk is the best way to build strong bones and that dairy is an essential part of nutrition overall. The more I read, the more convinced I am that dairy is not in fact a health food.

Many people are now on-board with the idea that milk is more detrimental than beneficial and fault the influential American Dairy Association lobbyists for perpetuating the myth that milk is essential to a nutritional diet. “Our country has among the highest dairy intake and still has among the highest incidence of osteoporosis,” according to Dr. Ray Hinish in his book, “The Osteoporosis Diet.” He refers to studies reported in the American Journal of Public Health and the New England Journal of Medicine that conclude dairy has not protected our society from osteoporosis, a bone disorder characterized by a reduction in bone density.

girl drinking milk with animated black skull

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Imagine my dismay when my doctor told me, a self-professed lifelong ice cream lover, to consider a diary-free diet for better digestion, stronger bones and improved nutrition. I was never a milk drinker. Forsaking cheese is more challenging. But give up ice cream? Now you’re talking about my childhood memories.

I still remember the thrill of hearing the bells on Mr. Softee’s ice cream truck as it was approaching my street. The kids on the block were like a pack of Pavlov’s dogs. (Note to Generation X, Y and Z: Kids played in the street in those days). As soon as we heard the bell, we ran inside to get ice cream money and then crowded around the truck like it was The Beatles’ tour bus. I still see Mr. Softee trucks in New York City and when I do, it’s like I’m 10 years old all over again! New Yorkers, look out.

Then there was Jahn’s, my favorite Queens ice cream parlor from teen years into early adulthood, where the rich ice cream sundaes served as a panacea for satisfying my sugar cravings, calming my hangovers and helping me forget the disappointing dates from the night before.

ice cream sundae

That’s enough of my trip down ice cream memory lane. I want to share good news, and timely too since summer is approaching. Today, I sampled ice cream made from almond milk and from coconut milk and both are so delicious. In fact, that’s the brand name: So Delicious. I’m not receiving any compensation for this endorsement; just sharing a good find.

two containers of ice cream

dairy-free ice cream

If anyone has tried other dairy-free products or recipes, please post links to share with others. I know there are plenty of blogs, many of which I follow, which cover this topic and offer recipes, but I always hunger for more, pun most definitely intended.