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four books from the 1950s

As promised in my post about a 1940s resume-writing article, I am now sharing DIY books from the 1950s. These relics of yesteryear are fascinating and the images prompted me to ponder the following questions:

Why were the women in these illustrations always pencil-thin and wearing high heels?

image of woman in high heels

Was sawing a father-and-son bonding thing?

men and boys working with saw

I like daisies too, but…seriously?

50s kitchen

Was wearing a dress a prerequisite for weatherstripping?

woman in dress with hammer

Do you think she passed the outfit onto her grandchildren?

1950s child in playroom

I learned a new word – cornice. It’s a box with a painted or upholstered face. But is that really what she’s thinking about?

pretty woman - 1950s style

How inventive – a lighted phone pad. Couldn’t they just turn on a lamp?

1950s phone

My father-in-law’s basement is only half cleaned out, so who knows what other gems await.