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I was lucky enough to stumble upon Lisa Chesser’s post that I know many of you will appreciate. The story addresses romantic/ lifetime partnerships but I think it applies to all long-term relationships. We will never see this depicted in fiction, movies or TV relationships because it would be boring to watch people in silence, but the reality is that sometimes silence between partners/siblings/friends/parents truly is golden.


Relationships grow, crumble, fade, part, and regenerate. It’s when they’re quiet that you know you’ve done something right. It’s the kind of quiet where neither one of you needs to talk. You don’t need to ogle each other like teenagers or stare lovingly into each other’s eyes like you desperately can’t live without the other person.

You just move quietly together allowing the other to be, to exist without you, with you, it really doesn’t matter.

Space Clouds Space Clouds

My husband and I have had these moments and I’ve thought, well, we’ve finally arrived. We’ve made it. We really just don’t need to talk.

We can just float together.

But, he doesn’t see it that way. He wants to talk, as if there’s something wrong with me for not joining in the sea of incessant chatter that bulks up the world around us. I know it’s not all just him. I…

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