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image of devices with camera in red circle with line across

Image courtesy of kibsri by FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I love everything about technology – the ease of communication, photography, research and more. The one exception to my kinship with devices is the omnipresence of cameras. I have always been camera-shy, back from the days when people used actual cameras. With the advent of cameras embedded across all devices, my shyness evolved into paranoia. To avoid being a victim of Peeping Tom types, I decided to cover the roving eye with stickers or tape.

With constant handling, the tape on the phone became ratty and after a while required replacement. Well, I didn’t realize it at the time, but apparently I had replaced it with a bigger piece of tape that extended to the earpiece. I couldn’t figure out why all of a sudden I was unable to hear people on the phone unless it was on speaker. So I went to my phone carrier store. Being embarrassed about my phobia, I removed the tape before entering the store. When I explained my lack of audio, the store rep assessed that I needed a new earpiece and assured me it was a common problem. He could not assist since the phone was no longer under warranty, but he kindly recommended a nearby mobile repair store. Off I went to Mobile Rescue where a tech instructed me to come back in a half-hour to pick up my phone with a newly installed earpiece. I had to leave my password as well, which as you can imagine caused discomfort to my neurotic self, but I complied in the interest of restoring my phone to good health.

I returned as instructed, paid $53.16 including tax, and went on my way. When I was back home, I applied fresh tape to the phone and again lost audio. It took someone near and dear to me to deduce the source of the issue, at which point I felt totally stupid. Lesson one: Know the visible components of your phone. Lesson two: Technicians do not check if a device is truly in need of repair before replacing a part. Lesson three: Paranoia will cost ya.