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Here I am, sitting outside on a picture-perfect day and feeling happy with my decision to hire The Maids, a company that sends a team of cleaning ninjas trained in seek-and-destroy-dirt missions. Many years ago, I had hired someone to clean and it would take her half a day to finish. I ended that agreement when she started to send substitutes on days she couldn’t make it. I don’t like having people in my house that I don’t know. Sometimes, I don’t like having people in my house that I do know, but that’s another story. 

I tried to keep up with the housework myself but couldn’t hack it, and now that my husband has back issues, it’s all on me. I made a sincere effort with the only-clean-the-parts-of-the-house-they-will-see approach, but perfectionist that I am, I would inevitably overdo and end up with a sprained back or neck and painful feet, followed by sugar cravings as a reward. After all, there’s no monetary compensation when it’s your own house.

So once a month, The Maids will deploy a team of four to my home, and they blitz the job in an hour, before the dust balls even knew what hit them. I still do some cleaning myself, tidying up the bathrooms and kitchen in between the monthly service from the pros. I use the term “pros” because the company boasts staffing of bathroom specialists, kitchen specialists, etc.

H won’t let them touch his audio equipment, so I use a light duster on that myself. Shush. I take care of the cobwebs in the basement and sweep the front porch, so I’m not a complete princess. But the majority of the labor is paid for and worth every shiny or dirty penny, whatever the case may be, especially with my Labor Day party coming up. Paid via auto-debit, it works within my budget the same as any utility bill. When the cleaning is done, a note is left on the table to request customer feedback. When I hired individuals in the past, the only feedback they wanted was cash. And they didn’t have this nifty yellow car☺️