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I am grateful for my ability to accept change because I’ve seen the negative impact on people who are resistant to change. While not immune to the stress of transition, I adapt and try to reap the benefits with a fierce determination to uncover the silver lining around the cloud. Sometimes, I initiate change when the present state is irreparable because I’ve seen the adverse consequences for those who become immobile. But I still feel the frustration and angst.

A friend of mine was laid off recently, not for performance but because there simply was not enough volume of work coming in. She said it was the best job she ever had. I feel terrible for her and vulnerable myself as this can happen to anyone. I did a resume rewrite for her and updated mine at the same time because…well, you just never know. A close friend was diagnosed with cancer, hard news after losing another friend to cancer just last year. I stepped up my veggie intake and starting drinking filtered water because…well, you just never know. I thought I had my budget under control until some unexpected family expenses came up, so I started cutting expenses in other areas because…well, you just never know.

The downside of accepting that all good things come to an end is that the anticipation can get in the way of truly enjoying the here and now. Yes, I have a great job, but for how long? I love my home, but will it be affordable or suitable at a later age? I’m grateful for the people I am close to, but will they always be there?

On a less serious note, there is the day-to-day irritation of change. My favorite website offering free photos is no longer free. My supermarket no longer carries the brand of rice I like. My first-choice restaurant for special occasions closed suddenly. I can go on and on, but the message is clear. All good things come to an end.

With the election less than one week away, I think the whole country is feeling the anxiety of change, probably more so than any election in U.S. history. With so much heightened divisiveness, it will be interesting to see how we all adapt.