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The urge to blog sweeps me away until a little voice in my heads asks, “Why are you doing this?” “Shut up, do I need a reason?” “It just seems others have a larger purpose like promoting their livelihood rather than merely a passion for composition, the longing to be understood and the need to make sense of what goes on in my twisted mind. It is narcissistic, don’t you think?” This is my inner dialogue. Holistic Wayfarer’s list of best things about blogging expands on this beautifully.

A Holistic Journey

1. Individuality and community.
Blogging gives us the best of both, lets us develop our self in the nest of “the collective heartbeat”. (Anne Lamott)

2. The freedom.
Anything goes: some days this is my own TED stage or talk show. On others, my stand-up. Sometimes it’s my notebook.

3. The empowering.
You can take yourself as seriously as you want to and ask others to.

4. The humbling.
You remember you’re just a leaf in the forest. Let’s keep it real.

5. The immediacy, the organic exchange.

6. The traffic.
The comment board is the interface of lives and a place where people can lend their perspective to expand yours.

7. The pay-out.
It’s the immigrant ethos. You sight unchartered space in blogosphere, nothing in your pocket. You stake your ground, work hard, and can build something of worth.

8. The low maintenance.
Comb my hair? Figure out which…

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