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Lee Wag/ Google Images

I am so annoyed.

It all started with an email from someone who said his sister recommended me for resume writing. Those who run their own business know how valuable referrals are, and this would be the third referral from this previous client. I was delighted.

Per my usual process, I explained my services, my fee, and the information needed to get started. After I completed the first draft, we went through several rounds of iterations but not too many revisions. Once I completed and sent off the final updates, he was slow to provide his sign-off. It took several follow-ups before he at last emailed his approval of the finished document. I sent my invoice and have been waiting for payment since; 21 days and counting.

I generally do not ask for a deposit, though now I am starting to think I should. Clients typically pay as soon as the work is complete, so this delay threw me. I have followed up again and again by email and phone. He had refused the option of paying by PayPal. Today, for the second time, he claimed the check is in the mail. I’m skeptical and am already preparing myself for a write-off.

When I am disappointed in someone, I often obsess about it until I can understand it on some level. Yet, this is something I can’t comprehend. My husband, who used to work in Collections, does not seem at all surprised. He has many “The check is in the mail” stories. But it makes no sense to me. Why would an employed professional in his 30s behave like this? Just because he can? Is it a game to see what he can get away with? How does a grown man request a service, state that he is happy with the finished product, and then not only default on the payment but fabricate in writing that he sent it? How does such a person sleep at night? I don’t get it.

I feel like I’ve been robbed.