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What a wonderful and simple idea to leverage the power of gratitude and mitigate the everlasting desire for more: A gratitude journal. I read this post and decided to embrace the idea before it slipped my mind. Applying a sticker to a small spiral notebook I had been given and set aside years ago, labeling it “Gratitude Journal,” and placing it on my nightstand to write, just before bed, three things today that made me grateful, will bring me more sunshine in the morning, I believe.


In recent years there seems to have been a shift towards the power of gratitude in daily life, of being thankful for what you have rather than the endless pursuit of what you don’t have in your life at this time. It is a deceptively simple idea.

I have read of people using gratitude journals on a daily basis, or at least regularly, to track moments of gratitude in their life. Part of me acknowledged that this could be beneficial in various ways, but still I did nothing about it apart from being a little more mindful about the many good things in my life.

Then about a year ago a friend mentioned that various studies confirmed that one of the best things that you could do for your long-term mental health was to keep a gratitude journal. I made a mental note at the time then moved on to…

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