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flowers with card

Who’s Dennis?

The door bell rang and I peeked out to see a man holding flowers. He confirmed my name and handed me the bouquet. On Valentines Day, my husband usually brings me flowers in person, so this delivery was a surprising out-of-character event. I opened the accompanying card and read a Valentine’s greeting with love from Dennis. Who Dennis is I have no idea. My son called just then and I asked him if he sent me flowers. His name is not Dennis, but thought I’d check anyway. He said no, not this year; too broke. I told him someone named Dennis apparently sent me flowers, and he asked me if I was having an affair.

Then I thought of my other son whose name starts with a D, but I had spoken to him earlier, and I think he would have inquired about the floral delivery if he was in fact the sender. I called my husband and asked him if he was my paramour, which he confirmed with dismay about the mystery man taking credit for his romantic effort.

My apologies to Dennis, whoever he is, and his wife who at this moment is probably opening a card from my husband. On the upside, look at this great Valentine’s Day find from my local pasta specialty shop – heart-shaped ravioli. Served it with vodka sauce – yum!

Heart-shaped ravioli

tomato ravioli and lobster ravioli

Happy Valentine’s Day, Dennis!