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As someone who obsesses about what I can’t get right in spite of things I do well, this story resonates with me. Apparently, my focus on the negative when it comes to self-reflection is also a reflection of how people tend to see others.

I think what this story tells us is that we are naturally drawn to anomalies. In that case, maybe the opposite is true as well. If someone has a reputation for actions that are mostly wrong, does the one positive display of rightness capture extreme attention while the person who usually does the right thing is in the spotlight when they err?

My Good Time Stories

Wikimedia Photo Credit: National Institutes of Health via Wikimedia

I think that it is safe to say that most people like to help others. The gesture makes us feel good about ourselves and makes our lives a little brighter and happier. Conversely, there are instances in which it can seem like we do kind and caring things for people as well as try to “live the good life.” Have you ever noticed that? You try to do things the right way over and over again…yet some individuals that you may know (or don’t know) keep finding the one wrong thing that you may have done and focus on that.

Today’s story serves as an encouragement for you…to remind you to always keep your eyes on the positive things in life and not the mistakes that you may have made.


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