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Tim Miller crystallizes what I have been trying to convey to the naysayers of technology.

Without my computer, I would not have started blogging, which has given me a creative outlet, a form of self-therapy and an online community. Without my mobile devices, I would be tied to my desk and unable to keep in touch with special contacts on the go. I would not be able to post as I am doing now, at 5 a.m., in the dark, in my bed.

My devices serve as a welcome distraction when I need to be patient while waiting my turn or when I am bored in the company of people ignoring me. Devices enable me to indulge my longing for control and organization, and animosity toward mounds of paper.

People I know who are not only adverse to but also take offense to devices, have their own distractions, which include filling their homes with sentimental mementos and photos. They claim we’ve lost human connection. I would not begrudge them their emotional attachments or face-to-face engagements. Some of these people have a hard time letting things go. Likewise, I expect them to hold their judgment about my appreciation for the tools that help me work through my emotions, engage others with insights and humor, organize my stuff, and let go of thoughts through the magic of the written word.

word and silence

Picking up some pizza at a favorite place the other week, it was hard not to notice that right by the counter a new TV had been installed. Hanging just where anyone entering or leaving the restaurant would see it, the screen toggled between stock photos of Italy and Italian food, and ads for local businesses: plumbers, electricians, elder care.

Despite all the suspicion of technology that fills this blog, I still found myself mesmerized by the new TV, and didn’t once look away from it as I waited for my food. I could say that I stood there with eyes glazed and drool coming out of my mouth, but that wouldn’t be true; I just happened to see it, and just happened to leave soon after.

And was it really so bad? Had the TV not been there, I would have just looked at my phone. But in the…

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