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MSW’s words, “Whose race am I running?,” reminds me how senseless it is to compare where I am to the success of others. I define what success is for me, and I alone decide if I am not measuring up. MSW’s quote from her grandmother captures this well: “the grass may be green on the other side, but I bet you that water bill’s something else and you don’t know what they doing to pay that water bill.”

It’s food for thought as I wonder why I don’t have that job, that body, that bank account or whatever. Maybe it’s because I never wanted it badly enough to make the necessary sacrifices, rather than a reflection on my capabilities. Maybe I had other priorities. I chose my paths for a variety of reasons and take pride in whatever I achieved along the way. When I’m ready to try a new direction, I am free to make a detour in search of a different landscape. There are many shades of green.

Real Life of an MSW

5678Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. –Marianne Williamson

All of my dreams are coming true professionally and personally. Part of my brain is saying live in the moment, enjoy. The other half of my brain is saying continue to dream a bigger dream. I know both sides are making fair points. I do dream of being published, becoming an author and spinning tales of a protagonist both the young and old would enjoy. I relish being a voice for youth and young adults who do not have one. I am energized by changing the laws and requirements in my profession.

Rereading this entry, I remember that my life continues to be blessed. Granted, I haven’t written a novel; but I have been on several major…

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