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It’s been said that people who are considered lucky are those that excel at identifying an opportunity and going for it. If that is true, than I am doomed to failure.

My latest self-flogging is all about opportunities I’ve missed recently. I’ve found myself lamenting that I wish I had thought of it, done that then or been there, but the time has passed.

  • When I thought about taking a class to prepare for a certification, I should have done it when work was slow, and there was more time to spare. Instead, I am struggling to find the time and energy while I am super busy at work and drawn to other activities with the arrival of spring.
  • When I saw the gardener, all I could think about was avoiding him because he’s so annoying, when I really should have taken the opportunity to show him the damage he did to the siding and gutter with his lawn mower. Now I’ll have to pursue him or fire him.
  • When I was en route to a family event and received a call from my son who said he couldn’t make it on time, I should have said, come anyway, even if you’re late. But I didn’t, and he missed it altogether.

These are only a few examples. Although, in the grand scheme of things, these do not rank as catastrophic mishaps, I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to get it down in writing and vent a little.

Do you beat yourself up because of what you missed saying or doing when the time is right? Maybe I am losing my edge, or maybe I just need to grow up and say, “Such is life.”