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big black dog laying on floor in front of wedding partyThere I was, among the guests watching the peach and navy blue bridal party enter the open, bright room filled with a heavenly floral scent. Once the bride and groom arrived, I noticed the couple’s beautiful, big black dog laying down at the end of the aisle. I thought how brave it was for them to risk bringing their dog to the wedding. I wanted to ask someone about the dog’s training because I couldn’t believe how he laid there so quietly.

My attention was then drawn to the ceremony. It was a touching service, presided over by a minister with a booming but warm voice and a quick wit, interjecting humor in just the right places. When he asked for the ring bearer to come forward, the groom called the dog who energetically rose and ran toward the bride and groom. The furry friend stood quietly as the groom removed the ring from the white bag that gently hung around the dog’s neck. The canine then obediently laid down quietly by the feet of the bride and groom, head resting softly on the train of the gown, while the nuptials ensued.

At the reception, I asked the family how that dog could possibly be so well-trained. It was then I learned it was a police dog, which makes perfect sense because the groom is a police officer.

If you’re planning to get married soon and want to add a unique element to the occasion, I recommend asking your best man to kindly relinquish his responsibility as the traditional ring bearer in favor of a highly disciplined police dog. Fair warning though, the dog might upstage the happy couple. Also, be sure your guests are not in possession of anything that may draw the dog to them instead.