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The experience of New England spring-like weather in mid-January is a wondrous treat. Reaching 69 degrees under a cloudless sky uplifts my mood and reignites the discourse I often have with myself concerning whether or not I would be a happier person residing in a location blessed with this climate year-round.

Today, we celebrated this magical weather with a Sunday brunch in a rustic restaurant that serves the best quiche ever, followed by a walk in a state park to enjoy the sun and walk off brunch to make room for late afternoon wine and cheese at a winery loft overlooking a glistening lake.

Jan 12 2020

From time to time, I think about where I might like to live in the next chapter of my life. There are plenty of reasons to consider a move. I live in an area where the taxes are Draconian, family and friends are too far, and there are not enough flat roads and sidewalks to power walk without fear of drivers who always seem to be in a hurry. Why is everyone always in a hurry? One time, a police officer driving along my walking route actually stopped to tell me to stay closer to the side of the road to avoid the risk of getting run over. I wanted to ask why he isn’t stopping the speeding drivers who put me at risk, but I wasn’t sure if I could be ticketed for speed walking.

Aside from the fact that I adore my house and local environment surrounded by farms, small-town specialty shops and impressive local theater, the main reason moving is not yet in my line of sight is lack of passion for any particular destination. Some people move to be closer to their adult children, but I have been warned by those who have made such decisions that those same children are not necessarily rooted in their location. If they move, do you follow them around like groupies? Do you move to be near your grandchildren? Wouldn’t it be ironic if your grandchildren grew up and moved to the location you uprooted from? Everyone is so mobile these days.

I live in a state that has the temerity to tax Social Security income as well as property taxes for vehicles and office equipment, and keeps threatening to add tolls to the roads. But, overall, I am not sure running from taxes makes sense. I think there is always a trade-off. I hear the cost of living in Florida is quite affordable by comparison but that the car insurance is out of control. Then there is the subject of flood insurance.

As for moving to live in comfortable temps year-round, I think I would miss the four seasons. Also, if I didn’t have to tolerate the icy roads in winter and sweltering heat in summer, the magic of spring-like weather may no longer be the treat it was today.

Where is Utopia for you?