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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

As an alumni of Baruch College in NYC, I am on the mailing list for various communications, and one I received yesterday tugged at my heartstrings for yet another fallout of the pandemic: The graduating class of 2020. It was a compelling plea, not for a donation but for opportunities.

Following their virtual commencement celebration scheduled in June, many graduates who had jobs or internships lined up are now in limbo. Though some companies are honoring the offers extended prior to COVID-19, others have rescinded. In support of these new grads, the school is reaching out to connect them with people who may need help with projects, part- or full-time work that can be performed remotely either on a temporary or permanent basis. Perhaps a writer who needs help with research?

I have to admire the school’s initiative on their students’ behalf and wanted to share this with you in case you might be working on something that would lend itself to hiring a motivated, smart and eager college student or graduate who, through no fault of their own, are looking for their first job at the worst possible time.

Please fill out this short Hire Baruch Form and let us know what opportunities you might have available. Our students are keen to work: Full-time roles, internships, as well as short-term projects of all types. For example, is there some research you’ve wanted to do but just haven’t had the time? Is there data you’d like crunched or a communications campaign on your team’s plate that no one can tackle? Simply fill out the brief form, and a member of our career centers will promptly follow up with you on your needs.