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Announcements have alighted in my inbox about COVID-19 testing sites in my area. Some sites are only accepting symptomatic individuals and essential workers with or without symptoms. Some require an order from a health care provider. Others do not have such prerequisites. My area offers locations for drive-up and walk-up testing. I have been hesitant to go and more so after reading the blog post below. I think Alizabeth raises valid points, and here’s my two cents.

My concern about the exposure while standing on line for walk-up locations and the physical discomfort of the actual test is compounded by my concern that there may be asymptomatic non-essential workers who believe that testing negative will somehow provide reassurance that they can return to normalcy, which is a delusional and dangerous mindset.

I have not read or heard any guidance from the government about exactly what a negative result signifies. First of all, I can be tested negative today and pick up the virus tomorrow. Is the intent to test on a regular basis until there is a vaccine? Secondly, do people who test negative feel they have license to stop wearing masks? Personally, I would be more comfortable if they kept their masks on since it has been said the intent of wearing masks is not so much self-protection as it is to protect the public from the virus we may carry. Testing negative is not immunity.

It seems to me that testing sites are promoted for statistical purposes so the local governments can gauge how widespread the disease is in their areas in order to expedite a return to normal. Let’s be honest. Will that ever happen, or is it time to accept a new normal?

I am curious. If you have been tested negative, did it change your behavior? Do you plan to be tested again?

Alizabeth Worley

Michael was under the weather. I had a sore throat that seemed a little worse than usual. Someone in the area had a birthday party and dozens attended. Our local hospital asked everyone in our area to receive the test. Combine all that with my natural inclination to be an obedient citizen, and getting a test just seemed like the “right” thing to do. Now, I wish I hadn’t.


Sometimes you critique something you think is important. This is one of those times. We need Covid-19 testing. I just think we need testing to be more transparent and more workable for patients.

First and foremost, I put my family at risk. Going to get the test was the most exposure to covid-19 I have likely had. Social distancing at the testing site? Yeah, sort of. In a technical kind of way. Masks? Most people wore them, but not everyone, and…

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