Business writing: GailWrites

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In 2011, I registered the trade name, GailWrites, to a launch a business that was primarily résumé writing. It started because I had worked in human resources, and a big part of my job was writing job descriptions, so it was a natural progression. I had written successful résumés for friends and family as well as myself. I took classes to learn more and also conducted résumé writing classes in my community. But then I was offered an opportunity to re-enter the corporate world, which was too good to pass up at the time.

I kept up my writing part-time, leveraging referrals, repeat business, and practice in business communications and document design that was part of my day-to-day job as a project manager. This helped me diversify. With a natural tendency (obsessive according to some people) to be super organized and a strong attention to detail (an asset or deficit depending on who you ask), I relish entrepreneurship. So when the moon and stars aligned, allowing me to do this on a full-time basis, I seized the moment.

In the course of working corporate and solo, I discovered that most people hate to do some of the things I enjoy. That’s where I can help:

  • Résumé development and rewrites; cover letters; LinkedIn profiles/summaries.
  • Online marketing content; copy for small-business websites/blogs.
  • Business documents, including announcements, reports and presentations (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs).
  • Bios for graduate students and small business owners.
  • Proofreading and copy-editing (AP style).
  • Process mapping (Visio).
  • Book reviews

Feel free to reach me using the form below or through LinkedIn

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