Business writing

Business writing is a unique form of communication with a vernacular designed to display professionalism, etiquette and political correctness. Business communication is effective when it carries the intended tone in the absence of body language for expressions of gratitude and delivery of difficult information. Easier said than done, but after 30+ years in the corporate world, I have learned what to say and how to say it to ensure the intended message gets through.

My portfolio initially grew with job search tools (résumés, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles and summaries). After completing The Pro Résumé Writer Program through American Writers and Artists, Inc. in 2011, I began writing résumés professionally through Elance and then Upwork. I have written across industries in the U.S. and internationally for students as well as CEOs,

In addition, I have written / edited college application essays and Human Resources administrative documents; designed PowerPoints; and developed personal and business bios. My contact list consists mostly of repeat clients and referrals. I am also 4-star writer for Textbroker, an online broker for web marketing content.

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